What is content outsourcing anyway?

Well-written content is essential for your business’ success. Great content increases your brand’s visibility on search engines and instills trust in your customers. Getting high-quality outsourced content today is literally as easy as getting a monthly subscription. Subscribing to a content creation marketing service from an agency like Socialsmithy that specializes in producing original content that piques a potential client’s interest is definitely the way to go, no matter what category your business falls under. Other aspects of your business should not be compromised due to inadequate or suboptimal marketing. This is an uncommon tendency that many startups and even some companies that have been around for a while fall victim to for not being able to put out content that best represents their brand/product. You may have a great product and vision in store ready to share with the rest of the world but could not effectively grab people’s attention online. Avoid making the same mistakes. If you are still weighing out the pros and cons, allow us to enlighten you on why content creation outsourcing is a key to your brand’s success.

5 benefits of outsourcing your content creation (Spoiler alert, there aren’t a whole lot of disadvantages)

1. Passively produce more content than usual

For starters, coming up with high-quality content for a business is very time-consuming and sometimes challenging. Running a business is hard enough as it is without the need for online marketing. It is almost impossible for most businesses to create the amount of content that will accurately and effectively depict your brand/product’s best qualities to the public. It takes a good amount of time to curate well-researched and well-written content. If you’re someone who’s aiming to produce high-quality and comprehensive content for your business, you simply wouldn’t have the time to create one in a week. Even a seasoned writer might need more than a week to come up with a post with such high required substance. The more writers you have working on multiple content for your brand, the more frequently you can publish content that will keep your following interested. Simple, right? Well, not quite. Even though this method will undoubtedly provide you with more content, unfortunately, it may not be the most practical. Luckily, outsourcing exists, and this is one of the main reasons for its rising demand. Outsource as much content with regards to your brand’s preferred amount of output in a given month or week or as much as your budget may allow in order for your business to scale efficiently.

In order for your business to scale smoothly, outsource as much product as your brand’s desired volume of output in a given time period.

2. It saves you a ton of budget to allocate to other resources

If it didn’t save you more money, the demand for outsourcing wouldn’t be this high. Hiring in-house writers is just not the most cost-effective option, given the amount of content needed for your business’s online presence these days. According to a recent survey, a content creator’s average salary is $35,000 – $40,000 in the United States. That’s without the other aspects like the technology required and insurance. Overall, hiring a freelance writer or outsourcing to a marketing agency will be the more cost-effective option. For the content they create, freelance writers typically earn between $0.05 and $0.25 per word. No matter the amount of content you need in a given month or week, outsourcing will likely save your business money.

3. Gives you room to focus on business strategy

As we have mentioned earlier, with content creation out of your hands, you will have more time to focus on strategizing and the direction of your brand rather than worry about having an impactful online presence. Self-publishing content may appear to be more cost-efficient at first glance, but it is rarely the most time-saving successful business plan. It’s in the company’s best interest to focus on its business strengths and hand over the content creation to the professionals. Doing so will give you more than your initial investment back and get the highest quality content possible in the process. Successful content marketing requires more than just well-written content. You may benefit from the knowledge of a content marketing agency, which can help you accurately define what you want from content marketing and provide the tools and experience you need to achieve it. Getting this correctly can help your marketing plan meet its goals sooner rather than later.

Effective time management boosts your attention and productivity. Greater focus enables you to seize larger possibilities. It also allows you to devote more time to the initiatives, ambitions, and people that are important to you. Time management is essential for achieving increased focus and prioritisation.

4. Offers a fresh perspective

Collaboration with writers who can convey ideas in ways you may have not previously imagined is a great way to find new and creative solutions. Content creators and writers have often worked for a variety of clients, allowing them to bring their experience from each creative project to the table. Content creation marketing agencies and freelance writers know or may be able to predict the exact content marketing trends that will develop in your business, so they can assist you in coming up with new content ideas where you might’ve least expected.

5. Expand your current reach to audiences

Lastly, and arguably the most essential part of content creation, being able to reach a broad audience. Whether you’re hiring a ghostwriter or posting content under your own name, content marketing freelancers and agencies can help you get your content before a wider variety of audiences than you would without the assistance. Generally, they can develop new strategies to promote your content and look for new blogs to guest post on, appealing to different types of potential new clients to avail of your product or services. No matter what industry your business falls in, your online presence will surely grow one way or another.

What we think

The amount of content online continues to rise. Successful companies have capitalized on outsourcing for the efficiency and optimization of their social media marketing and influence. There is really no reason for you not to leverage outsourcing for your company’s benefit. We’ve given you the information, and it’s all up to you to take a step towards your well-deserved success.

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